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A monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly newsletter is the most effective marketing tool available to your store. A newsletter provides regular personal contact between you and your customers!

A newsletter will boost class attendance, generate interest in special events, inform your customers about new products available in your store, teach your customers new techniques, draw your customers back to your store with coupons, and make them feel a part of your store's "family".

We have developed a highly effective 4 page newsletter design (for 8 " x 11" or 11" x 17" paper), which can be adapted for your store. We will provide a camera ready copy for you to take to your printer or photocopier. It includes space for the following information:

  • A personal letter from you to your customers
  • Special Event announcements
  • 4 coupons
  • List of new products in your store
  • Class Schedule, including the title, the day and time, the fee, supplies and/or experience required and a description of the class.
  • Bulk Mailing Insignia
  • Tickler message on the mailing face (i.e., special event announcement - "Mrs. Grossman's is coming!")
Optional Services
Printing and Mailing Services
We can subcontract our printing and mailing service to take the newsletter headache completely out of your hands! We will deliver the camera ready newsletter (following your faxed approval) to the printer, who can print your newsletter in one or two colors, affix mailing labels and sort and bulk mail your newsletter.

Preparing your Customer Database
We can provide detailed instructions and personalized help exporting your data to diskette from your POS software.


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